Building a Homemade Hovercraft - Share Your Experience

My hovercraft quest began online. Building a homemade hovercraft starts by sifting through all the information, plans, and kit options available. But some hovercrafterz like to push the envelope and build the ride of their dreams.

Of course, the best way to actually learn is to start experimenting for yourself. But it does help to look at what fellow Hovercrafterz are up to. These examples of homemade hovercrafts go a bit further than the standard leafblower lift engine taped to a piece of plywood over the weekend.

The Cheap Homemade Hovercraft guys show lots of great video and pictures of their science projects - homemade hovercraft models complete with detailed building instructions. As my physics teacher might have said, their skirt construction explanation is extremely thorough :) Oh, great video production work too !

Check out their site here

Cheap Hovercrafts

Whether they're building from scratch or working from a kit, hovercraft hobbyists spend plenty of time dreaming up complicated designs. Although the budget is kept as low as possible, you'll have to spring for an engine and propeller parts to come up with a solid craft. Still, if you have enough time on your hands and $200 or so, this can be an amazing challenge !

Excellent account from Doug and Brian (or is it Brain?), two highschool students, about their hovercraft summer project – total budget: $200

Hovercraft summer project

Charles Dixon details the trials and tribulations of his Viper Hovercraft Project here

Viper Hovercraft Project

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