Plans & Kits: To Build Your Own Hovercraft

If your goal is to build your own hovercraft fit for the outdoors, make sure you have a plan to work from. Whatever your budget, getting there can be quite a project, especially if your goal is to build a craft that can go beyond the back yard :)

In fact, most hovercraft manufacturers realize that buying a ready-to-ride craft is quite an investment. Besides, building is often half the fun. So if you want a craft worthy of hovering fun, your best bet is to work from a kit, or at least a detailed plan. Included are a couple of links to free plans available online:

Free hovercraft plans (leafblower lift engine)

Hovercraft plans for free from French club Aeroglisseurs

Throw in a modest budget for a set of plans or even a kit from a hovercraft expert, and you get a professional step-by-step guide to building a homemade hovercraft.

For a set of downloadble plans you start working on immediately, check out the latest offering from hovercraft central.

Or, if you're willing to wait a while for a more traditional set of mail-order plans, Universal Hovercraft offers several models you can build from both kits and plans.

Several hovercraft manufacturers provide their craft in kit form, and will even sell their plans if you're up for the challenge. Back to Hovercrafterz > from Plans& Kits: To build your own hovercraft

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